Very Good Software, Not Virus

Weapons and Tools

I like to think of myself as a builder of tools. When I build software services, I don’t build things that do things, I build tools for doing things with. If I’m tasked with communicating with an external API, I don’t just write the raw requests, I write a client for interacting with that external API, so that when the time arises for another person to interact with that same API, it’s however much easier than it would have been.

Using Docker to compile Golang plugins on OS X

Okay so this might be old news to some of ya’ll, but I just got it figured out, and any time you figure something out that didn’t have an immediate answer online, you should blog about it, right? The Problem I’ve been building a side project for a while that has an API server component. It’s built with Postgres in mind, but being that it’s something meant to be self-hosted in the future, I wanted to provide any potential users with the option of using whatever database they chose.